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Something spooky is going on at the libary!!!

Scribbles Report Ghost

Scribbles: Flem! Are you all right? What’s happened?

Flem: Someone or something has messed up my library! Atchoo! I think they were looking for something.

Scribbles: Could this have to do with the strange ghost sightings inside the manor?

Flem: My ghosts are mischief-makers, but I don’t think they would do anything like this. Sniff! I’d best report to Gam and alert the SWS… this doesn’t seem like a ghostly prank. I hope the WEB aren’t involved!


What is going on at the library…


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The bintastic summer fun fair is over and the school holidays are to “arrr!”. but there is an awesome new adventure on tycoon island called The Super Antenna Quest. It weviltastic you get to ride on a boat and drive it yourself!!! So why not come down and start an epic adventure!!!

The Super Antenna Quest

Hello Weevils!!!

Welcome to weevils unite, we have just started up this blog and are promising that, we will update you with the latest and hottest news, share are own experiences with you like if we see a bin celeb, that we will let you use codes that get you nest items, mulch and XP and let you enter our awesome competitions for bintastic prizes.


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