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Ghostly Special Move is here for a Limited Time Only!!!

If you are wondering what the “Ghostly Special Move” is; it is a special move that allows you to look like a ghost. The Ghostly Special Move is only on till the 4th of November!!!



Teksta`s video is at the Shoping Mall

Teksta became the first robotic puppy to jump from space and now, you can watch the epic leap right here on Bin Weevils!!!

Enter the Teksta shuttle outside the Shopping Mall to watch the full video of Teksta’s space jump in all of its glory!!!

Teksta was helped being trained by Binweevils for the mission, over at the Teksta Mission Control outside Rum’s Airport.

Binweevils want you to check out the video and tell them what you think on the whats new blog!!!

Things to do at Flem Manor at Halloween!!!

At halloween, click the full moon at Flem Manor 13 times for a spooky surprise!!!

                     Enter Flem Manor during halloween and spin around if  you dare

Apparently Frankenweevil and Vampire are going to be hanging around Flem Manor on Halloween!!!

                       Make sure you go down to Flem Manor on Halloween!!!

bin pumpkin

Do You Pamper Your Binpet!!!

Is your binpet spoiled like Posh`s pink princess Lady Wawa? I know my binpet is… Well rumor has it that Dott and Rigg are working on creating the perfect oasis for your binpets. A bintastic new place for your binpets to chillax in

a bin pets for life

SWS Teleporter Invented!!!

Trigg and Lab have been working on a new project of harnessing the power of The Teleport Pad. This is to allow SWS AGENTS to transport to HQ directly from there nests!!! This project is top secret and the prototype should be unveiled soon!!!


More Strange happenings at flem mannor!!!

The last time scribble was poking round Flem manor he came across some weird nest items. Non of the shopkeepers at Binmart or Nestcos has seen anything like it before; even Nab from Haggle Hut hasen`t  seen anything like it!!! We feel that the mystery of these items will be solved only if Flem AKA Scribble is found!!! The Binweevils mag states “You can bet ghosts are involved!!!”

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