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Hey Weevily Buddys,

Sorry about the rubbish joke in the title, anyway while I was going to buy some nest items at The Shopping Mall I noticed there is a temporally Easter Shop in the Bin Mall! It is full of Easter themed nest items to buy!


I had a quick look in and bought a couple of items for my nest! I liked the Easter wall paper and the Chocolate egg chair!

This is what it is like inside!

inside easter shop


My nest is ready for Easter is yours?

my nest easter



New Advertising on Binweevils!

I am Back and Ready!

Hi weevily friends I have had a break from blogging because of personal issues but I am back now and ready! To start with I have some cool news about a company that are sponsoring Binweevils. They are called Box Of Awesome and they send free box to your door filled with collectibles and goodys! I have got a few boxes now and they are really cool! I have found out about them as I have recently made a new channel, on Youtube, reviewing products!                                                    If you would like to watch my unboxing video on Youtube that is where you can find a link to the page!

box of awesome


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