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My Mega Box of Awesome 8!

Hello Weevily Buddys!

You may have seen my Box of Awesome 7 unboxing, well I have got my Box of Awesome 8 unboxing video! This box is a very special box as I am the 1 Box of Awesome 8 Golden Box Winner! That means that I have won the full range of Batman Toys from Matell! It is coming tomorrow! Here is my Box of Awesome unboxing video!


Get your free box at


I am starting a Binweevils TV Broadcast!

Hi Weevily Buddys!

I am starting a Binweevils Teley Broadcast next weekend so far this is a one off yet if this goes successfully I might do more screening in the future. Most episodes are live and will be live streamed to viewers! There will be a short broadcast today at 5pm for 15 minutes to see if it is working well!

Tune in at this youtube link…

For the guide for next weekend go to…

Please note I am not trying to compete at all with Binweevils TV


Here is more from the Binweevils Whats New Blog


Bin-tastic news! A brand new issue of Best Nest is now available inside Weevil Post!

Here’s a glimpse at one of the fantastic Easter themed rooms featured in the latest issue!


Best-Nest-83_04 (1)


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