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Hey Weevily Buddys!

At the Summer Fair me, dumdawg and sponggoo5000 where at the summer fair and spotted Tink, Clott and Scribble!

I took some pictures we had a great time!

Scribble, Tink and Clott!






Scribbles Cam: Summer Fair Red & White Party Round 1!




Thank you for coming, we had a blast!

Did you miss the party? No worries, there’s another one thisFRIDAY 29th August at 10:00am and 4:00pm (UK time).  Remember to change your colours to red and white too! The Scribbles Cam will be on the look out for the most stylish red and white looks!

Do you enjoy these parties? Should we have more? Leave your comments below, thank you!


Idea’s For Binweevils!

Hey Weevily Buddys,

As I live in Blackpool I think Binweevils should maybe do a Blackpool themed week. As I believe that Blackpool has a lot of fun to offer. I started to think this as I woke up this morning as I am going to the Pleasure Beach this morning which is one of the many things Binweevils could use for a week. Blackpool has got The Blackpool Tower, The Sand Castle, The Wax Works, A Sealife Centre, Blackpool Tower Dungeons, A Beach and lots more. Thats why I think Binweevils could have a Blackpool themed week. Leave your ideas for a theme for Binweevils in the comments!

Magicom back and reporting for duty!

Hey Weevily Buddys 

I decided to take a break from blogging since I had my end of year 7 tests to worry about! So I decided to make a quick post saying that I am back for blogging and I will be starting magicoms Monday Mash-up when school starts again! Hopefully now I can post a lot more for you guys I’ve had a look at binweevils and I am liking the updates! 


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