A Brief History Of My Binweevil! For A World Of Binweevils

Hey it’s magicom! I am making this post for A World Of Binweevils author application but feel free to read the post if you like!

I started Binweevils about 5 years ago (a long time ago right). I made an account magicom yet due to my weak password my account got hacked, do consider I was only 7 and I did not understand. Anyway that put me off Binweevils for a bit but I rejoined 2 years later with the username coolbenjamin, I know my blogger name is magicom so it can get a bit confusing until I explain. My love for Binweevils and blogging has never been better. It was a shame that Weevily World a  blog that I was an author on for some time, is stopping posting. Obviously being accepted for an author on Weevily World shows Judisue trusts me as an author as I hope you do and add me as an author! As I have explained already I love blogging, even the I have my own blog it is nice to be part of another blogging community as well! So I ask you please can I become an author on A World Of Binweevils!

– magicom or coolbenjamin   lol!


About magicom1

I like creating websites and blogs! You may know me from Weevily World or from my own blog weevilsunite.wordpress.com - Updating you with the latest and hottest news hot off the press!

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