Authors Page!

Hi Authors as I am starting to get a thew authors I have decided to make some rules just to keep things running swimmingly!

1. Advertising your sites:  A lot of authors on this site have their own blog, so I have thought of how to let authors get more viewers to the blog but not bombard this site with posts about your site! So, you can at the end of every post in normal paragraph font put your blog name and a link for your blog! Every 10 posts you do you can make a post about your blog to get new and more viewers to this site.

2. Credits: As I`m shore a lot of authors do this already this does not apply to them. If you use a picture, some text E.X.T. from the Binweevils Whats New Blog please can authors put at the bottom of the post containing the copied text or image some content of this post is sourced from th Binweevils whats new. I am asking this as a lot of viewers tend to comment about not having credits.

3. Off Topic Subjects: As much as I love off topic posts please don`t post to many of them as this is a Binweevils Blog as I am sure you are aware and I don`t want to many off topic subjects. I am not saying you can`t but be reasonable.

4.Posts Copied From The What`s New Blog!                                                          I have noticed a lot of posts recently have been copied from the what`s new blog. This is alright but make more original posts than copied posts. As it shows you have put effort in to it because nearly everyone can copy and paste so please cut down on copied posts!

4. Have Fun: The most important thing is to be having fun this is not very serious and I love authors posting and I love it even more if you’re having a great time! Just don`t worry about mistakes just correct them and I do hope authors enjoy posting as much as the viewers love to read it!


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