The Authors On This Site!!!

Here is all the authors on Weevily World that work really hard to make this blog even better!!!


Binweevils Username: Coolbenjamin

Level: 21

Favorite: Weevil: Tink

Favourite: place in the bin: My nest

About Me: I love to blog and show people round my nest. When I am not there you might find me buying some cool gadgets in the shopping mal.

My binweevil

                                                                                                           Pic of my Binweevil!!!

The Editors


Hey Weevils!

My name is hf556. Most of you already probably know me from Bin Weevil Company, my blog. My blog started on the 22nd May 2013 and since then, it has been a huge success! It has even had over 30,000 views. I also blog for other blogs, which Is why I’m writing this post, so you know who I am.

Christmas Look

I created my Bin Weevil, hf556 in December 2011. I had previously had other Bin Weevils before that. I actually joined Bin Weevils in February 2011, a couple of months before I decided to create hf556.

– hf556


  1. This page needs allot of improving.


    • Hi rohan I am soon going to shut this blog down and I shall be making a brand new blog that I would be happy for you to be an author on! I will email you soon once I have made it!


  2. Could I join that blog too?


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