Yes it is coming up to that time of year again The Baftas 2014!

Binweevils have won the Baftas 3 years running. So lets make that 4 years running and vote for Binweevils!

If you want to support Binweevils in the next Baftas all you have to do is go onto the Baftas website for online games and vote for Binweevils!


Best Nest #105 & Garden of the Week!

Best Nest Issue 105


Best Nest is back and better than ever! Check out the latest issue over at Weevil Post for a look at some of the greatest nests sent to the Nest Inspector this week!

Best Nest 105


Best Nest 105 Tip

New Garden Balloon Secret Code!

Credits To Weevily Wonder

New Feature added to binweevils!

Hey Weevily Buddys,

It’s magicom here and there is a new feature on Binweevils!  This button takes you straight to the summer fair! The button in the nest is placed between the nest rating and the bincard

Summer Fair Feature



Celeb Spotting Scribbles!

Hey Weevily Buddys,

I got a pic of Scribbles and have a secret to tell you guys! First the picture of Scribbles inviting people to his Birthday!

scribbles party

Now for the secret of how I spot all these celebs yet nobody else sees Scribbles on his birthday. Bin mods and celebs normally go in quieter bins, so i get two browsers downloaded and on one browser sign in go to the busier bin on the other sign in and go to the quieter bin. Flick between the two and hopefully you will see celebs and mods!



Binweevils is back online and I can’t wait to get back to my Binweevil. Binweevils have also gave us 3 secret codes to use.

Exclusive Secret Codesavailable for a limited time only!



A Brief History Of My Binweevil! For A World Of Binweevils

Hey it’s magicom! I am making this post for A World Of Binweevils author application but feel free to read the post if you like!

I started Binweevils about 5 years ago (a long time ago right). I made an account magicom yet due to my weak password my account got hacked, do consider I was only 7 and I did not understand. Anyway that put me off Binweevils for a bit but I rejoined 2 years later with the username coolbenjamin, I know my blogger name is magicom so it can get a bit confusing until I explain. My love for Binweevils and blogging has never been better. It was a shame that Weevily World a  blog that I was an author on for some time, is stopping posting. Obviously being accepted for an author on Weevily World shows Judisue trusts me as an author as I hope you do and add me as an author! As I have explained already I love blogging, even the I have my own blog it is nice to be part of another blogging community as well! So I ask you please can I become an author on A World Of Binweevils!

– magicom or coolbenjamin   lol!

Weevils Unite – is upset to see Judisue Leave

Hey Weevily Buddys,

As everybody is I as well am so upset to see Judisue leave blogging! I have tried but Judisue wont let me keep posting as an author. This saddens me! It would have been nice to see the blog still running by authors yet Judisue said no! Thanks Judisue for the great and always famous weevily world!



Hey Weevily Buddys!

At the Summer Fair me, dumdawg and sponggoo5000 where at the summer fair and spotted Tink, Clott and Scribble!

I took some pictures we had a great time!

Scribble, Tink and Clott!





Scribbles Cam: Summer Fair Red & White Party Round 1!




Thank you for coming, we had a blast!

Did you miss the party? No worries, there’s another one thisFRIDAY 29th August at 10:00am and 4:00pm (UK time).  Remember to change your colours to red and white too! The Scribbles Cam will be on the look out for the most stylish red and white looks!

Do you enjoy these parties? Should we have more? Leave your comments below, thank you!


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